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Goal Orientated

Our website design process comprises 5 carefully designed stages that prioritize achieving your specific goals and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Project Dashboard

Throughout the process, we maintain complete transparency by documenting each stage on a project dashboard, accessible via a provided link.


This dashboard allows clients to access real-time updates on the progress, current stage, and ongoing tasks, while also providing access to all project assets.


The Discovery stage is the starting point for any successful website design and development project. Our goal during this phase is to gain a deep understanding of your business, brand, and website goals.

Step 1: Discovery Call: Discuss business objectives, target audience, and project goals in depth. Gather initial requirements and preferences.

Step 2: Market Research: Conduct thorough research on industry trends, competition, and user behavior to identify opportunities and challenges.

Step 3: Brand Assets: Collect necessary brand assets such as logos, color schemes, and typography. Gather inspirational sites and content for alignment.

Our Discovery phase is comprehensive and sets a solid foundation for the rest of the project.

Game Plan

Once your goals and objectives are clear, it’s time to define the gameplan for success.

Step 1: Brand Strategy: Develop a brand strategy that aligns with your business objectives, target audience, and messaging.

Step 2: Project Scope: Clearly define the project’s features, functionality, and pages to outline the scope of work.

Step 3: Sitemap: Create a visual sitemap outlining the website’s structure and organization for better communication and content understanding.

Laying a strong foundation through a well-crafted game plan sets the stage for smooth progress.


The Design stage brings your vision to life with a visually stunning and unique website that effectively represents your brand.

Step 1: Mockups: Create multiple home page mockups exploring styles, colors, and layouts to match your website goals.

Step 2: Full Web Design: Transform the chosen mockup into a comprehensive web design, incorporating the style guide and brand strategy from the Define phase.

Step 3: Revision: Collaborate closely to make design revisions until you’re satisfied, ensuring the final product reflects your brand identity and achieves your objectives.

Good design captivates and leaves a lasting impression, setting the stage for the next phase.


The Build stage brings your custom website to life, focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience and helping you achieve your objectives.

Step 1: Develop: Develop your website using the latest technologies, ensuring visual appeal, speed, and mobile-friendliness.

Step 2: User Experience: Prioritize intuitive and enjoyable user experience, implementing smooth transitions and strategically placed elements.

Step 3: Final Review: Conduct a thorough review, checking links, forms, and functionality, while performing compatibility, accessibility, and performance testing.

With the final review complete and your satisfaction, we’ll launch your website, paving the way for an impactful online presence.


The Launch stage is an exciting milestone where your custom website is ready to go live and make an impact.

Step 1: Security and Analytics: Host your website on a secure platform with fast speeds and integrate Google Analytics & Google Search Console for valuable insights into visitor behavior.

Step 2: On-Page SEO: Optimize your website for search engines, enhancing its technical aspects to increase visibility on search result pages.

Step 3: Launch Day: Make your website live and accessible to the world, leveraging its potential to attract and convert visitors into customers.

With your website launched, seize the opportunities it offers for growth and success.

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